I had back surgery in November 2017 and recovered nicely until a set back earlier this year. I was working out harder than my body could tolerate and I interpreted aches and pains as either no big deal or healthy signs of improvement.  Until they weren’t.  So, I returned to physical therapy to build up my core strength. I wanted to engage in every day activities and workouts without pain and with better stability and stamina.

Two months ago, we tested my core strength with a full side plank while bringing my knee to my chest three times.  It didn’t go so well.  I was shaky and unstable on my “good” side and fell over on my “bad” side.  But at my appointment this week I could do it on both sides without falling over.  Progress!  We also reviewed running videos and saw noticeable improvement in my core stability and strength revealed in the footage.

While I was doing all these great things at the PT appointment and even looking at the video myself, a little voice in my head said, “That’s not really good enough is it?  I still have a long way to go.  I should have been able to do that weeks ago! Why should I celebrate now?”  I realized almost immediately that these thoughts weren’t true.  I had seen it with my own eyes!

It is amazing how easily we believe our thoughts and how little credit we might give ourselves for successes.  My coaching clients do this when they want to delay their next appointment because they haven’t made “enough” progress on their goals.  Or, they finally do something they’d been meaning to do for years but didn’t accomplish until they got into coaching.  That critical inner voice says they are not good enough even while they are doing great things.  Maybe we should question that critical voice.  Maybe it shouldn’t be trusted.

A good coach helps clients see their accomplishments and capitalize on the good feelings that come from progress.  We turn those good feelings into fuel to motivate our work toward the next goal and the next. Pretty soon, clients slay their to do list and look for something new to conquer. When we reflect on a coaching engagement in a Return on Investment session, we acknowledge the client’s successes and examine how they got there.  Clients always get there by trying, failing, trying, making progress, and continuing on.

Coaching helps clients find the motivation to engage hard or vague tasks, develop resilience to try again after set backs and keep going by noticing and celebrating progress.  Having the support of a coach helps my clients and can help you reach your goals in business just like at the gym. And then you can tell that critical inner voice, “Thank you, but I see things differently now. I’ve got this.”

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