I recently updated my website and branding from “Business Management Coach” to “Productivity Coach.” Why? What do either of these terms mean? Glad you asked! Productivity Coaching more accurately describes the results my clients achieve with coaching. It encompasses a broader theme that weaves through my work with lawyers and law firms.

When lawyers function better at work, they are more productive. Productive lawyers capture and bill their time on a regular basis, meet work and personal obligations, and can engage in high altitude long range planning for their practice and career. Lawyers who struggle with productivity also tend to struggle to manage the daily onslaught of constant interruptions, let their calendar and e-mail set their priorities and lack direction in their career path because they are so busy they can’t take or make time to plan and work on goals.

Productivity Coaching helps lawyers get the upper hand. I help clients discern goals, plan and implement even in the midst of busy and demanding schedules. We examine what has worked in the past and what hasn’t, try new tactics, try again and build resiliance. Coaching empowers clients to connect with their internal motivation, set goals and create the conditions to achieve them. The end result is lawyers who feel better, have more control over their work and time, and are more productive. This is best achieved in a way that is custom tailored to the client’s strengths, and the unique demands of their work and life.

If you are ready to improve your productivity, let’s connect! I always offer free 30 minute consultations to see if coaching is a good fit. To schedule, contact me at 503-734-7232 or heather@tcbcoaching.com