Coaching for Time Keeping & Billing

Most lawyers know they should be doing a better job staying current on time entries and billing.  But their best intentions get lost in the torrent of day-to-day obligations and work.  Coaching helps them learn to balance their legal work with administrative tasks so that they can best serve their clients and meet their firm’s needs and expectations for timekeeping.

Coaching can help attorneys capture and bill more of their daily time, and on catch up on time entry and billing backlogs.  I have coached several mid-size firm partners with billing back logs valued at $100,000-$500,000; some of which were over 90 days late in being billed out.  After a 12 week Coaching Engagement, these clients were all able to bring their back logs down by at least 80%, and each had a plan in place for completing the remaining outstanding bills.  More importantly, my clients simultaneously work on building new habits around daily time entry and bi-weekly pre-bill reviews to maintain current time entries and billing habits going forward. 

Clients interested in Coaching for Time Keeping and Billing work with me in a private confidential individual Coaching Engagement comprised of one hour coaching sessions every other week for 12 weeks.  I am happy to offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation with prospective clients.