Coaching for Productivity & Profitability

It can be hard to feel productive when you’re bombarded daily with e-mail, texts, phone calls and other interruptions.  When the one most important thing you needed to do this week is still not done on Friday, you might have to work instead of rest and re-charge for the week ahead.  When productivity is tied to profitability, not feeling productive at work leads to increased feelings of stress that can be exhausting and debilitating. If you’ve lived this way for a long time, it can be hard to see an alternative on your own.  

But there is hope. You can be productive without overwork. Coaching helps clients identify and elevate priorities, take ownership of what is within their control, and to communicate healthy boundaries to promote priorities.  Clients develop resilience to try different productivity tools like calendar and task management, delegation and arranging how to time is spent to optimize productivity and profitability. Coaching helps clients define and find success on their own terms to have a life and work that they look forward to engaging in each day.

Clients interested in Coaching for Productivity & Profitability work with me in a private confidential individual Coaching Engagement comprised of one hour coaching sessions every other week for 12 weeks.  I am happy to offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation with prospective clients.