Coaching for Delegation & Managing Others

Delegation can feel like a catch 22. While you might prefer to work on your own, you could work more effectively and efficiently by including others.  This can be accomplished through delegation, which often carries with it some responsibility for oversight and management.   It seems like more work either way.  But this mindset could be holding you back from achieving at higher levels.

By learning how and when to delegate, and how to manage others, you can reap benefits that go far beyond getting more done.  Delegating can open up time and mental energy for you to tackle higher level planning or to perform on a more consuming or difficult task while others handle tasks they are well suited for.  Delegating also gives your co-workers and staff opportunities for professional development they crave, and that your firm and clients need.  Rather than a Catch 22, delegating and managing others is a win-win catalyst for growth!  So why aren’t you doing it?

Coaching can help you unlock mindsets and habits that hold you back from delegating, and gain confidence as you find and implement new ways to delegate and develop others.  In a 12 week Coaching Engagement, clients discern and address beliefs about delegating and performance, develop a plan for learning and implementing better delegation and management skills, and learn to improve their communication and connection with those they manage. You can learn to be a better manager and by doing so, free yourself from overwork so that you have more time for life.

Clients interested in Coaching for Delegation & Managing Others work with me in a private, confidential, individual Coaching Engagement comprised of one hour coaching sessions every other week for 12 weeks.