Individual Coaching Services

Coaching clients develop and implement new skills for long term success and satisfaction in law practice, personal and professional productivity, and law firm profitability.

Individual coaching engagements are private 45-60 minute coaching sessions every other week that fit into a busy schedule. Coaching engagements typically last 12 weeks and can be conducted by phone.  

Transform obstacles into opportunity with an Individual Coaching Engagement! In just 12 weeks, clients gain awareness of what is and isn’t working for them and chart a path to growth and success. We take new approaches to old problems and generate the momentum and motivation to keep going even when the going is rough.  

Transformation may sound magical but success requires work. Clients use coaching to engage in authentic assessment, develop courageous awareness and to build accountability and resilience in their work and life. 

Issues clients work on in Individual Coaching include –

  • Discern and set priorities for better time management
  • Set appropriate boundaries for demands and commitments
  • Identify “Important” vs “Urgent” and spending more time on “Important” tasks and goals
  • Make better use of calendars and task lists as self-management tools
  • Reduce interruptions for more focused work time
  • Develop daily/weekly time entry and routine monthly billing habits
  • Improve work-related “systems” for increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Develop as a manager of others
  • Delegate as a way to better manage oneself and develop others 
  • Assess practice profitability 
  • Focus and define practice area/niche to grow and better serve clients
  • Define the “ideal client” and develop a contact and referral network
  • Adapt one’s own preferred “marketing style” to expand contacts 
  • Regularly engage in business owner tasks and responsibilities
  • Engage regularly in self-care
  • Connect with personal and professional support systems

Specialized Topics:

Private 12-week Individual Coaching Engagements include:

  • Initial Session and one page written Outline to discern priorities and identify obstacles, limiting beliefs, strengths and resources (1-2 hours; preferably in person) 
  • Four Follow Up Sessions every other week to assess progress, identify new challenges and develop new approaches (45-60 minutes; by phone)
  • Return on Investment Session and two page written Summary to reflect on progress, acknowledge new skill sets and identify further work to be done (1 hour; preferably in person)
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