Fall is a great time to recharge, re-assess and re-engage. Coaching can help you discern priorities, manage your time, delegate to your team and tackle your to do list with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Orient yourself for success with a 10% off a Coaching Engagement that includes –
Free Consultation – 30 minutes by phone
We will get to know each other a little bit and explore whether coaching would be a good fit for your goals.
To schedule, text, call or e-mail me at 503-734-7232 or heather@tcbcoaching.com
Initial Session – 1-2 hours, in person if possible
Discern coaching objectives and priorities.  Set goals and outline steps.   I’ll follow up with a written summary.
4 Follow Up Sessions – 1 hour each, by phone, every other week interval
Check in on progress, trouble shoot. Outline next steps and circle back on big picture from time to time.
Return on Investment Session – 1 hour, in person if possible
Review ROI Summary that I’ll prepare for our visit; reflect on coaching process and objectives; consider next steps.

2 Maintenance Coaching Sessions – 1 hour each, by phone, 3-6 week interval; Review progress on coaching objective and goals. Coach through implementation.

10% off discount applies to Coaching Engagements purchased by September 30, 2019.  Initial Session must be scheduled by December 1, 2019. Coaching Engagement remains open for 6 months after the Initial Session (but can be completed sooner!)
To schedule free 30 minute consultation, just text, call or e-mail me at 503-734-7232 or heather@tcbcoaching.com