To celebrate the holidays I’m rolling out a new service for new clients – an Introductory Coaching Engagement! Conducted by phone, this Introductory Coaching Engagement can help you get traction and make progress on one or two big issues in about two months. Big results, smaller commitment.

Clients turn to coaching when they’re busy and working hard but not making progress on important goals. Or when, despite best intentions, they struggle to have time to address foundational business and practice management issues. Or when they know what they “should” be doing to manage themselves and others, but don’t do it. Or when they don’t know what they should doing and the path they’re on isn’t working.

Coaching helped them and can help you –

  • Dial in priorities for better time management at work and at home
  • Implement better calendar and e-mail management
  • Learn to Delegate for Empowerment!
  • Tune up your time entry and billing practices
  • Organize and tackle your never-ending to do list

What’s involved?

  • Call or e-mail me to schedule a free 30 minute Consultation phone call: 503-734-7232 or
  • One Hour Initial Call to discern one or two issue areas to address
  • Four 30 Minute Follow Up Calls to assess progress and outline next steps
  • Phone calls are scheduled about 2 weeks apart and must be completed within 3 months
  • Introductory Coaching Engagements are available to new coaching clients only

If you could have done it on your own by now, you would have. Why wait? Coaching can help you achieve your goals in less time and with less stress. Reach out! Let’s connect and get started today. ┬áTo learn more, contact me at 503-734-7232 or