“Heather was instrumental in helping me identify solutions to reorganize my work habits during the pandemic. I was able to regain balance and structure with improved focus. The techniques Heather encouraged me to utilize will have an impact on my time management for years to come. Thank you, Heather!”

Becky Gross, Of Counsel, Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP

“Heather helped me make a leap to legal technology entrepreneur running a more automated law office of the future in today’s climate. Heather created an atmosphere that let me discern my goals and then map out and implement a plan to get there. She didn’t tell me how to get there, but her techniques allowed me to get there, which was invaluable to me.  Good coaches help you with that. GREAT coaches have proven paths to get you there. Heather’s path proved itself in the span of 5 months. And that path will continue with future coaching. I cant wait!”

Quinn Posner, Posner Law Office, P.C.

“I recently went through a big transition for me. Having Heather to guide me, keep me grounded, keep me on task and keep me from pulling my hair out made all the difference. I feel ready to take on my new adventure and more importantly, have more confidence in my ability to do so.”

Diane Cady, Trillium Law PC

“In 2017 I restarted my law firm when my former firm closed down unexpectedly. One of my best decisions was to engage Heather Decker for advice and coaching, for the law practice, the law firm management, and the future of my firm. She brought skill, humor, and (when needed) diplomacy to the task. I’ve put most of her ideas to use, ranging from time management tips to strategic planning ideas, and I look forward to working with her again as the firm grows.”

Dean Alterman, Alterman Law Group

“As a solo practitioner and litigator, it was difficult for me to find or make the time to focus on the business ownership aspect of my working life. Heather met me where I was, and helped me break overarching ideas about how I envisioned my law practice into bite-sized, attainable goals. We then made a plan for me to reach those goals that didn’t feel as all-consuming as I had imagined. She was supportive and kind, and reminded me of the importance of also prioritizing the personal parts of life: family, down time, vacation etc. I very much recommend Heather’s coaching, I found it to be a smart investment in my future.”

Gloria Trainor, Trainor Law PC

“Heather helped me transition to solo practice after leaving a larger firm. She prompted subtle, but significant, shifts in my approach, that yielded big results in business development and management. Heather does not lecture or dictate, but rather asks questions that provoke thoughtful business-minded analyses. Her diverse legal experiences make her particularly well-qualified.”

Dan Goldstein, Goldstein Law LLC

“There are so many details to consider when starting a law practice. Heather helped to keep me focused on the things that matter and keep me on track towards the goals I set for myself. Heather’s guidance enabled me to build systems and processes while building my network of colleagues. I’m off to a running start thanks to Heather’s coaching.”

Angie Russo, Cafferky | Russo Law

“Heather skillfully coached me though the transition from solo practice to owning and managing a small firm. She helped me identify and expand the most productive and profitable areas of my practice, and develop a strategy to collect an additional $30,000 in outstanding accounts receivable.

She pushed me to be honest and authentic with myself and respect my goals; let me to learn from setbacks; and, she always encouraged,  supported, and spoke the truth. Anyone wanting to get more out of their work and life should absolutely work with Heather.”

Adina Matasaru, Matasaru Law PC

Read additional recommendations on Heather’s LinkedIn profile.