Some service professionals know they are overwhelmed but feel they can’t refer out or turn down new matters for fear they will “never work again.”  This disempowered mindset keeps them stuck in a cycle of taking on too much and operating in constant crisis mode.  They may feel busy but not productive.

My client Jill Sasser has a different mindset.  She says, “When I say yes to cases I want, then get more of them.  If I don’t leave room for the cases I want then the cases are choosing me.”  When you are just starting out, of course you will take in almost anything you have an opportunity to work on.  But as you get further along in career development, and the phone is ringing so-to-speak, you are in a different place altogether.  At that point, you are a trusted resource.  In that role, you may decide to take cases that most suit you and your practice, and also serve as a conduit for referrals to other practitioners. By being discerning about new matters and obligations, you have a much better chance of growing a practice that makes you want to go to work every day. There is a way out of overwhelm and overwork and it starts with examining how you think about yourself and the valuable service you provide.

If you feel overwhelmed or stuck at work or in life, coaching can help! Let’s connect!