Park Quick Tasks to Boost Productivity

Do you avoid tackling the project that needs an hour of your attention until you can just complete just one "quick task"? Do you get distracted while working on an important task to do several “quick" tasks? Maybe you identify [...]

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New 2020 Coaching Engagement & Subscription Option

Each year I update my service offerings to reflect what seems to be working for my clients. Ironically, my ideal coaching client is someone who might need and want Productivity Coaching, but struggles to find the time and space for [...]

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New! Introductory Coaching Engagement

To celebrate the holidays I'm rolling out a new service for new clients - an Introductory Coaching Engagement! Conducted by phone, this Introductory Coaching Engagement can help you get traction and make progress on one or two big issues in [...]

Find A Way Out of Overwhelm and Overwork

Some service professionals know they are overwhelmed but feel they can’t refer out or turn down new matters for fear they will “never work again.”  This disempowered mindset keeps them stuck in a cycle of taking on too much [...]

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