Turn Down the Volume to Boost Productivity

Nigel: "You're a Ten on your guitar, where can you go from there? Where?" Marty: "I don't know." Nigel: "No where. Exactly. What we do is if we need that extra push over the cliff ... know what we do? [...]

Change Habits with Intention and Awareness

When a coaching client struggles to make progress toward a goal, one of the first tools we apply is what I call "Awareness Work." As we become more aware of how things are, we can learn a lot about how [...]

New! $99 Strategy Sessions

As time passes during COVID-19 confinement, are motivation and momentum harder to maintain? It can be hard to know what to do, let alone to “do” anything right now. The challenges of remote work are high, and working from home [...]

Who are tcb coaching clients?

It might surprise you to know that my average coaching client is a law firm partner with 11-20 years in practice. My coaching clients have four to 40 years of experience. Some might think that coaching is most helpful for [...]

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Park Quick Tasks to Boost Productivity

Do you avoid tackling the project that needs an hour of your attention until you can just complete just one "quick task"? Do you get distracted while working on an important task to do several “quick" tasks? Maybe you identify [...]

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New 2020 Coaching Engagement & Subscription Option

Each year I update my service offerings to reflect what seems to be working for my clients. Ironically, my ideal coaching client is someone who might need and want Productivity Coaching, but struggles to find the time and space for [...]

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New! Introductory Coaching Engagement

To celebrate the holidays I'm rolling out a new service for new clients - an Introductory Coaching Engagement! Conducted by phone, this Introductory Coaching Engagement can help you get traction and make progress on one or two big issues in [...]

What is “Productivity Coaching”?

I recently updated my website and branding from "Business Management Coach" to "Productivity Coach." Why? What do either of these terms mean? Glad you asked! Productivity Coaching more accurately describes the results my clients achieve with coaching. It encompasses a [...]