About Heather Decker, JD

Heather Decker, JD is a productivity coach based in Milwaukie, OR. With over 20 years in the legal profession as a lawyer and law firm manager, she coaches lawyers and facilitates law firm retreats focusing on productivity, profitability, operations and business development.

Turn Down the Volume to Boost Productivity

Nigel: "You're a Ten on your guitar, where can you go from there? Where?" Marty: "I don't know." Nigel: "No where. Exactly. What we do is if we need that extra push over the cliff [...]

Change Habits with Intention and Awareness

When a coaching client struggles to make progress toward a goal, one of the first tools we apply is what I call "Awareness Work." As we become more aware of how things are, we can [...]

New! $99 Strategy Sessions

As time passes during COVID-19 confinement, are motivation and momentum harder to maintain? It can be hard to know what to do, let alone to “do” anything right now. The challenges of remote work are [...]

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