Why tcb coaching + consulting?

“tcb” is feeling the wind at your back and a clear sense of where you’re going.  You are resilient, focused and in control of your time, work and life. You are in charge because you are Taking Care of Business like a boss!

Be the Boss of Your Time, Work and Life

You are the expert on your life and work. But it can be hard to envision the life you want and make changes that stick when you are drowning in obligations and e-mail.  Well-managed work can lead to increased profits and time for that ever elusive “quality of life” thing.  We can show you how.

But I’m too busy…

Most clients feel that way at first. Coaching helped them and can help you –

  • Gain a sense of control in the here and now.
  • Master your time and priorities to boost productivity.
  • Create time and space to plan, implement and sustain better business management practices.

Time is Money. You Want More of Both.
Productivity coaching can help!

  • Increase profits and efficiency
  • Distinguish between urgent and important tasks
  • Prioritize professional and personal obligations
  • Use technology to better meet client needs
  • Delegate to vendors, contractors and/or support staff
  • Identify when and how to grow your practice
  • Have more time for wellness and fun