Meet Heather

Heather Decker, JD

Heather Decker, JD

I help busy professionals make money and have time for life.  With over 20 years in the legal profession as a lawyer and law firm manager, I coach lawyers, service professionals and small business owners to better manage their work and life.

It is hard to provide excellent client service when your work day is filled with distractions and seemingly endless urgent tasks.  Fitting it all in is daunting.

I get lawyers and law practice.  Working as a solo entrepreneurial contract lawyer and manager inside many law offices, I have a unique perspective on what lawyers experience at work – and how to make it better.

Coaching provides a process for inquiry and discernment, problem solving, implementation and resilience.  Making positive change involves walking into the “field of unknown” where all the answers lie.

I can show you the way through.